YS River

YS River Falls and Holland Bamboo| Jamaica

Long awaited Journey to YS River Falls And Holland Bamboo

It was a while since my last adventure and I was going to know two birds with one stone. These birds however were of majestic beauty and enhanced one’s perspective and appreciation. Lacovia St. Elizabeth was the location, Holland Bamboo and YS River Falls are the beautiful birds Jamaica has bred and gifted us.

It was one and a half hour from Montego Bay. It however felt like minutes as the journey was a combination of coastal views, forest and cultural towns. My mouth was wide open as my admiration and appreciation received a re-ignition. Inspirations flowed and the Gavmazing Adventures was back on the road, inspiring travel and creating memories.

Holland Bamboo
Holland Bamboo

Holland Bamboo was first on the list and it was fitting to conduct a full on photo-shoot, branching into another passion of nature portrait photography. The muse being a being my friend and travel buddy who is an embodiment of her personal hashtag #tienoweightstomyankles. See and admire a few of the shots captured.

I had a cardiovascular cleanse (wash off wi heart) be done before we washed off at the YS River Falls. Coconut did the job and Holland Bamboo felt more peaceful and looked more beautiful with each sip of coconut taken. At this moment I found the balance I yearned for. It was within and not gained from outward recognition or achievements.

YS Falls Submersion

We wrapped of the photo-shoot and headed to YS River Falls. The turn off from the main road brought us on somewhat of a safari adventure, one which boosted my anticipation. On arrival we paid and took the shuttles to the falls. The first view were the faces of satisfied fellow adventures making departing. I knew that it would be a great experience there and then.

YS River Falls
YS River Falls

Without hesitation I was in my nature apparel and submerged in the COLD water of St. Elizabeth. YS River Falls was pluralized for a reason. I counted at least 4 waters falls to be caressed by the water. Just relax, unwind and let nature speak your love language. You deserve this, you are blessed and Jamaica has all you need.

YS River
YS River Falls

And the photo-shoot of course continued. How could we not capture all these memories?

YS Falls Photoshoot

The venue is equipped also with a Zip-line. I did this adventure for the first time but didn’t capture this adventure. It was definitely worth it and is one i would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to have a great time.

Holland Bamboo and YS River Falls adventures were on point, however we had to close out with good found. We stopped at the Border. Fish, bammies and soup it was. Nothing beats food prepared with the culturally preserved techniques and recipes of the ancestors. Traditions definitely lived on.

YS Falls Zip-line
Border Fish and Bammy

A long awaited adventure to Holland Bamboo and YS River Falls that I must say was worth the wait. I feel recharged and ready to show more amazing content on Gavmazing Adventures.

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