St. Lucia Holiday

St Lucia Holiday | Let her Inspire You

St. Lucia Airport

Start to a St lucia Holiday

Waiting to catch a flight may be tough. But waiting for your luggage as the conveyor belt revolves is straight up torture. I must admit that I grew impatient as I yearned for the smell, taste and view on this St Lucia holiday. At first glance I grabbed my luggage and headed to the exit, entering an unknown. Immediately I felt the warmth, not only of the people, but also of the glaring sun upon my skin.

With every breath taken my curiosity grew. What did St Lucia have to offer? Was I over excited? How was the food? Was everyone as warm and welcoming? Stay tuned.

Dennery Lookout

Less than 10 minutes into the journey and I was certain I made the right choice. St Lucia has inspired me. The views were breathtaking, the vegetation green and lush, and of course I spotted the Pitons while landing.

St Lucia Holiday

Before I dive into sharing this Gavmazing Adventure, I must first declare that I am not an alcoholic. As you will see further on, I will be captured raising my ethanol content on quite a few occasions. This first moment however was warranted. It is only fitting that my first source of refreshment in St Lucia be a Piton Beer.

Pitons Beer


Though tired from the flight and my Miami Layover Adventure, it was difficult for sleep to greet me. The excitement of what the following day had in-store filled me. I was about to experience the sea, volcanic activity and culture. The view from the catamaran had me realize St Lucia was not as small as I may have thought.

With my mind fixed on the land adventures ahead, who could have guessed I would be surprised by a pod of dolphins going along their way? Well one could say they sensed my internal request for a performance and without hesitation they basked in the spotlight. The show was on, cameras out and teeth flashing. How could this St Lucia holiday be anymore thrilling? As the voyage took us closer to the land, the picture became clearer and the scene more alive. Certainly I was now more eager for what Soufriere had to offer me.

Pitons Mountain
St Lucia Cruise
Soufiere St. Lucia

Mud Bathe

On reaching land I was greeted by the most magnificent view in Soufriere. The sea met the most amazing cultural settlement. We disembarked and boarded a new adventure. We journeyed to the Sulphur Spring where the name then became self explanatory. The smell of sulphur was strong yet fascinating. Though the sun was out in its truest form I was still eager to be submerged in the bathing pools and later become art.

This was true volcanic activity, unlike my Sint Eustatius Adventure. The stream in its semi-muddy composition shared a special bond with my skin as if there was rekindled romance. Certainly as though in a time long past, I was just merely particulates of the soil. In testing the rumors that the Sulphur Springs makes you look 10 years younger, I waited for the results while playing as a child in the mud.

Sulphur Spring St Lucia
St. Lucia Mud Bathe

morne coubaril estate

In craving during this St Lucia holiday every aspect of an adventure, my appetite for the cultural, historic and actual cuisines led me to the Morne Coubaril Estate. This historical landmark facilitated my empowering through knowledge of culture as well of enlightenment of my taste buds. I tasted the ripe cocoa plant used to make exotic chocolates known to the Caribbean. This was an experience of one trailing the ancestors, cultivating and preparing coconuts, grinding sugar canes and explored the compact accommodation of the slaves. Zip-lines, horseback riding, tour of the neighboring volcano, this estate offers it all.

Morne Coubaril Estate
Morne Coubaril Estate
Morne Coubaril Estate

Magnificent Sunsets

With sunsets being one of the most photographed phenomenon annually, I was skeptical about adding to that list. But on catching first glance of this St Lucian sunset I was inspired, and there and then it solidified why the St Lucia Tourist Board choose that slogan, “Let Her Inspire you”. Certainly If one isn’t careful you may find yourself being drawn beyond the horizon. Though this might not be a negative.

St Lucia Sunset
St Lucia Sunset
St Lucia Sunset

Gros Islet Street Party

Gros Islet Street Party I found was a blast of entertainment and cultural cuisine. However what amazed me was the hospitality extended even after hours to the many tourists who flooded the streets in pursuit of the true St Lucia holiday night life. There were more food offerings than I could sample, more liquor than I could manage. Denros Strong Rum is the name of one such liquor. One I will forever remember for being more concentrated in ethanol than a rubbing alcohol. This almost had me tumbling. However my resilience and determination in seeing the Gros Islet Street Party in all its glory kept me.

Dance with the locals, eat like the locals and let your spirit be inspired.

Gros Islet Street Party
Gros Islet
St Lucia Rum


Waterfalls hunting is my favorite hobby and St Lucia would not escape this. With limited time available I promised myself to discover waterfalls on the island, and so I did. Like all approach to a waterfall, all sensory details still within memory. The sound of the falling stream, the crisp smell of the forest, the feeling of the mist from the falls upon your skin. All this making the sight more appreciated. Now imagine topping this off by diving in, the feeling so refreshing you could almost taste it.

Toraille Waterfalls
Toraille Waterfalls

I was fortunate to have visited and experienced locals enjoying these treasures themselves. Families united by waterfalls, food and sounds of the ecosystems at work. It was perfect, gratitude filled my heart and I opened up to a prosperous future and all it shall bring to teach me.

Latille Waterfalls
Latille Waterfalls
Latille Waterfalls
Latille Waterfalls

Piton Hike

I know you have been waiting for this one. THE PITONS being on many bucket-list definitely belong there. The hike in itself is an experience.

St Lucia Pitons

I know the photos posted of this hike makes it look easy, but take a glance on the shirt waved in the photograph, it is soaked in the sweat of a man how placed mind over mater. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE!!!!

St Lucia Pitons

The water bottled was depleted halfway to the top. However I was left with one option. Drink a Piton on the Piton, and so I did. I doubt I will ever enjoy a beer this much. It was as amazing as the scene around me. With the Pitons crossed off my bucket-list, I know you will be inspired to do the same.

St. Lucia Pitons


Infused cassava with salt-fish was a food item I definitely enjoyed. However a fun fact is that I played it safe. The other options were cassava infused with guava, cherry and other fruits. On my next visit I will definitely attempt these.

St Lucia Holiday

I appreciate the people of St Lucia for their hospitality. Until then, thanks for joining Gavmazing Adventures. Please be sure to book through the St Lucia Tourist Board.

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  1. Happy to have been part of your gavmazing adventure! Great piece on St. Lucia! Can’t wait to read about more of your adventures.

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