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Reach Falls Portland

Journey to Reach Falls

Hearing of Reach Falls kept me hungry for an unforgettable experience For a journey that took me three (3) hours from Ocho Rios, Jamaica, many would think it would have drained me. However it was definitely the opposite. I was constantly energized by the beauty of the land. No cliche, no over selling, Portland is the most beautiful and relaxing parish on the blessed land of Jamaica.

I pulled over every 10 minutes marveling at the views, however after the third go I realized I would never Reach before sun Falls at this rate. Journeyed past Boston drawn by the scent of jerk pork marinated with the secret spices of Portland Jamaica. Boston was followed by Long Bay and then came Manchioneal, followed by the signs, “Reach Falls up ahead”.

On arrival, I learnt I had decided to visit on a busy day (Sunday), and honestly I was disappointed. Nature would not have this disappointment last, as shortly after I was aligned with tour guide Pete who shared with me the history of Reach Falls. This would enable my imprinting on this treasure.

Tour Guide

I was first guided under the waterfalls which I was informed was a great hiding spot utilized by the maroons and runaway slaves. We then took upstream into the unknown, for me at least.

Emerging From Cave


As I headed upstream, my grin became permanent, I could not believe this had been hidden from me all these years. Reach Falls definitely did not disappoint, there were both flora and fauna leaping out at me and my heart was full, and for a moment I felt I was Tarzan, WILD AND FREE.

Tarzan Moment

Free from all the hassle, the programmes and the pollution, both physical and mental. Though popular, the Falls felt untouched, and I myself was very mindful of the trail I left behind. Therefore many times, in an act to protect the flora I opted to swim. Portland Jamaica was like nowhere I had ever experienced.

Reach falls Portland Jamaica
Reach falls Portland Jamaica

I literally meant the grin didn’t leave my face. I thought there was no more that could top this experience, until Pete asked if I had ever heard of the Reach Falls Rabbit Hole. Of course I haven’t, he then became silent and continued directing me upstream.

We then came to a stop and Pete pointed to where I would be jumping into. “This is the Rabbit Hole” he said. I smiled, maybe because the grin was permanent. But I was terrified. “Jump and you will see” was the answer to “What is down there?”

Reach falls Portland Jamaica

This photo is a true depiction of embracing uncertainty. I would share with you lovely people what lies below, but what would be the point? Please ensure you experience the Reach Falls Rabbit Hole. All I will say it that it was Gavmazing.


I am sure you could see I enjoyed myself. And so will you. There are a lot of memories I swam away with. I urge you to create your own.

Reach falls Portland Jamaica
Reach falls Portland Jamaica

Admission is J$500 /US$10 for adults and J$250 / US$5 for children under 12yrs.


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  2. Great post Gavin! Excited to see where next your adventures will lead. Can we get some video footage as well? 🙂

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