Portland Jamaica Blue Lagoon

Portland Waterfalls and Adventure Paradise

Portland Jamaica

As I think of my visit to Portland Jamaica I am certainly reminded of the importance of sharing these precious memories with love ones. Why not appreciate Jamaica and love ones simultaneously?

Trident Castle

The Parish has many attractions,many Portland Waterfalls but not all will be covered in this blog, only those which played my heart strings.

Portland Waterfalls: Fish Dunn Falls

The journey up Buff Bay Portland Jamaica takes you through narrow road networks, farming communities, but leading to a seemingly untouched waterfall. Fish Dunn Falls echoes romance, literally, this falls is isolated and similarly will echoe love if shouted loud enough. Bring drinks, food and of-course the camera to capture the memories.

Portland Watterfalls
Portland Waterfalls

Blue Lagoon

Easy to find and easy to enjoy. With water being a vibrant blue as this, you will be tempted to dip your hand, testing if it is indeed colored. Or maybe you aren’t as silly as I am. Raft over to the “deserted” island, schedule the pick up time and enjoy the Portland Jamaica Blue Lagoon.

Portland Jamaica Blue Lagoon
Portland Jamaica Blue Lagoon

Portland Beach: Frenchman’s Cove

Do you love the beach? River? Or a mixture of both? Frenchman’s Cove being perfectly stationed where the stream kisses the sea offers both. This union of isn’t a coincidence and likewise, yours shouldn’t be considered as such. Relax, swim, swing and get sun-kissed in Portland Jamaica

Portland Jamaica Frenchman's Cove
Frenchman's Cove

Portland Waterfalls: Reach Falls

Up-streaming at Reach Falls will have you admiring much more than just the flora and fauna. Dive into the many pools, some deeper than others. And just as your heart leaps with love and gratitude, leap into the Rabbit Hole. As uncertain as the future is before you, explore it.

Reach Falls Portland Watterfalls
Portland Waterfalls

Villa Rasta – Airbnb

Simple, rustic, yet yelling Jamaican culture, Villa Rasta offers the most affordable accommodation and cultural experience out there. Super Hosts Bigga and Anesta will certainly ensure your stay is an amazing introduction to Portland.

Villa Rasta
Villa Rasta

Whenever in Portland Jamaica, be sure to get your heart involved. I hope you enjoy the Portland Waterfalls and Beaches.

7 thoughts on “Portland Waterfalls and Adventure Paradise”

  1. Love, love, love!!! Planning a trip with a few friends and this blog has definitely peaked our interest and has added to our itinerary. Can’t wait to explore what the parish has to offer. 💫

  2. Absolutely love this and I couldn’t agree more! Most of my favourite adventures around Jamaica have been shared with my partner and travel, even dry land touristing, is great for bonding and discovering new parts of yourselves.

    P.s. I really need to go rafting one of these days.

  3. Sabriena Simpson

    Been to all except Villa Rasta! Sounds like a birthday plan! Love ur content Gav and thanks for following Travel With Sabriena as well!

  4. Chantaeu Munroe

    This is super amazing. Your words alone set the tone for an invite, how could one resist the invite to visit these places. Definitely have them on my list of things to do, especially rafting. I’ve never been. Thanks for shedding light and awareness of these gems. #bless

  5. I most definitely need to visit some of the places mentioned on this page. Villa Rasta for one is certainly on my list as well as blue lagoon. Jamaica is such a beautiful place and there are still so many places to discover. AMAZING job Gav. Thanks

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