Nonsuch Falls

Nonsuch Falls | Portland Jamaica

The Journey to Nonsuch Falls

Portland has always held the keys to my heart. With the adventure of Nonsuch Falls nearing I could think on nothing else. Nonsuch Falls is dubbed one of the highest waterfalls in Jamaica. This adventure began early, journeying across 5 parishes, St. James, Trelawny, St. Ann, St. Mary and Portland. This was an adventure with new and old friends. The unknown was a common variable which excited us. This common excitement I experienced in my other adventures such as Spanish Bridge Adventure.

Driving through the towns of Ocho Rios, Port Maria, Annotto Bay, and Port Antonio, a small detour at Fairy Hill brought us on track, a very small track. We could sense Nonsuch Fall was awaiting us, we however didn’t know the course to get there. Luckily a tour guide was already been manifested. On parking a local farmer Mack politely greeted us and ensured we weren’t parked in the way of danger to the vehicles. Falling coconuts were the biggest threats. Though in Portland we weren’t even close to Reach Falls from our past adventure.

Nonsuch Falls Trail

Our new tour guide Mack of course knew the way. He was as local as it got, and that excited me. It was about to become a nature tour, history lesson and of course a reggae adventure all in one. I so happened have met the biggest Lila Ike fan on the trip and as a result we were serenaded in “Solitude”. The trail began and we were taken through coconut farms, abandoned river beds and lush green forest and of course water. However the water was scarce, as this time around Jamaica and the entire Universe is experiencing a drought. The photos of course will tell the tale.

Nonsuch Falls Tour Guide Mack
Happy Adventurer

The path to Nonsuch Falls definitely wasn’t an easy one. It was physically taxing yet emotionally fulfilling. The trail I must say was a teaser, pools of water then dry river beds, this was the cycle we participated in. There were times however when the pools of water served as rest stops to cool down and gain insight of the falls and the surroundings, history and cultural lessons I called it.

Nonsusch Falls Trail
Nonsuch Falls Trail
Happy Adventurers
Nonsuch Falls Rest

Nonsuch Falls

I cannot stress enough the importance of good company and energy. The group of millennial provided the fuel necessary to propel us to the Nonsuch Falls. “We are close” said the tour guide. We couldn’t hear it however, I couldn’t smell it and doubted even tasting it. The drought had struck Nonsuch Falls. The drought had struck and shattered my expectations. I caught myself however, not dwelling in the negativity, I washed my body with the few trickles from the high rock formation before me.

Nonsuch Falls
Nonsuch Falls

We shall return

I was committed then I had to see NONSUCH Falls in all its glory, all its power. Moreover I knew I had to return, and was sure others on the trip made that commitment. We lingered resting for a while, vibing, still listening Lila Ike, hoping the “Falls Aligned”. As we descended the mountain face we knew that this was not the last of Nonsuch Falls for us. We will be back.

Nonsuch Falls Trail
Nonsuch Falls

Thanks for Joining us on our Gavmazing Adventure. Please watch this video for a preview.

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