Miami Airport to Southbeach | Layover Adventure

On receiving the news of a Miami Layover I was at first disappointed, as I despise airports. I rather get it all out in one day and arrive to the Eastern Caribbean I was headed for a big adventure. But why not create an adventure in Miami? Why not conquer this city, explore with my heart fixed on enjoying the unknown? The day before boarding the flight I was in between things to do. Searching the internet, but there was so much. I decided to just go with the flow, limiting my expectations.

On landing the signs were clear and I followed, I wasn’t scared to ask questions, not masking my Jamaican accent, I embraced it and many were captivated by it. The route led to the bus terminals where I purchased a day ticket for USD $5.78. This enabled me to board the bus whenever, wherever between 6 am to 11 pm. Quite a wide window. The instructions were clear. “The 150 takes you to South Beach” and I was not up for any deviations.

I barely caught the 150 on its 30 mins rotation and quickly took my seat. My daze at the diverse landscape and infrastructure definitely gave me away, I wasn’t from here, I was an Island Boy in the Big City.

Miami Beach
There were many stops along the route, neither being less great than the other. However this Island Boy wanted a view of Miami Beach/South Beach. I got off at Washington Avenue on the 13th Street and headed straight down to the Miami Beach. Not knowing what to expect, I walk, observing transition to tans and also the lack of clothing. At this point I was over dressed, at least I had the tan. I walked straight unto the sand, cleared the flora, and there it was Miami Beach. Loaded with locals and visitors such as my self. The beach is free of cost, feel free to show off the whichever season your body is in. At this point I was appreciative of the Miami Layover.


After having the snacks and ginger beer on the plane, one would have thought it would have dawned on me that I needed to food for energy on this Miami Layover. I was now running on empty, feeling for an adventure also in the cuisine. A cold beer, a hot meal and exceptional service were what I craved. I passed many food and beverage outlets, even some with a Caribbean feel, however I wanted to experience something different, I wanted a cultural adventure in this meal. There it was across the stoplight, the Cuban adventure I was up for. Each time I have a Spanish encounter I am yet again disappointed. I should have learnt the language by now but procrastination got me here.

This time however there were no procrastinating with the food. The service was exceptional, so was the cold Heineken and beef stew ordered. The meal filled me and I felt the sleep trying to bridge a gap between this adventure. I shook it off, thank the staff, snapped some photos and back on the road.

Dear shopaholics, be careful. You were warned. I myself have good control as it relates to shopping on a budget. Same doesn’t apply for eating on a budget. There were a range of stores to choose from; name brands to the affordable comfort. What surprised me was that there was an entire street designated as a Mall, Lincoln Road Mall. No exaggeration. I walked it all out. It is a must see. There will definitely be a store there that inspires you to spend.

Watch a Movie

After exploring the stretch of stores and outlets, it is only fair that you are presented with a air conditioned luxurious cinema to relax. The challenge you will encounter with this one is a good one. There are too many movie options and limited time. Research what is showing and chose accordingly. After-all, you earned it. The Lincoln Center is the destination.

Admire Art

Being a lover of photography I was mind blown. When I entered the Lik Gallery I was instantly inspired to up my game. The details of these photographs were impressive and for a moment I felt I was on set directing the shots. The National Geography Fine Art Gallery had the very same effect. The disappointment faced was that while inside I had to turn off my camera. But as a creative, I was soon made to understand why. The dedication put into capturing these moments require them being protected. The next exhibition was the Bass Museum of Art. For this one the exhibitions are ran for a period then changed. The art forms vary and I personally have never seen anything like it.

My Miami Layover was definitely one with no regrets. Like my other posts, I would say Miami Conquered, but that would be a big lie. I saw but a fraction of the city. See you for my other adventures.
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  1. I always wondered if persons could actually leave the airport during layover time…seemed like it wasn’t possible….gotta try this someday thou

    Great read Gavin!

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