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Save the Cockpit Country Jamaica | Richer than Ore

Cockpit Country Adventure Tours

This protected gem boast some of the world’s most unique geologic features and ecosystems. The Cockpit Country Adventure Tours ensured I saw and experienced all of the Cockpit Country Jamaica. This is an immensly beautify and rich area which I encourage all to visit.


It is heart breaking knowing that on August 31st, 2019 as this is been written, the government is exploring mining the Cockpit Country Jamaica area known as Alps. So much to be negatively impacted for exported profits.

Alps Jamaica View

I witnessed first hand some of my favorite farmed products being reaped and transported. The make up of the terrain enables hillside farming as the soil is able to withstand erosion, both water and wind. The produce ranges from ground provisions, fruits to legumes. So much to enjoy on your adventure, so much life.

Cockpit Country
Alps Famer
Alps Farmer

In booking this adventure you will see it all, the farmers, the fruits to indulge in. In my first encounter with the surprisingly awesome “cherry guava”, I in the true sense of the word “raided” the tree.

Cockpit Country Fruits

Cockpit Country Water and Culture

The Cockpit Country supplies 40% of Jamaica’s ground water. Acknowledging that importance makes it easy being against the ventures to mine . Swim, drink, rest in water as cool and fresh as is possible.

Cockpit Country
Cockpit Country

Cockpit Country has such a great connection to the culture and history of Jamaica. My ancestors called this home, and now rests below the very ground. Graves, artifacts and other relics are at risk to be dug up. An irrational decision if I am to comment. This area provides more than land, more than bauxite. If I am to add another comment, the Cockpit Country Jamaica is within the nucleus of Jamaica.

Alps Homes

Lets join voices in an attempt to shut down further talks of mining the Cockpit Country. Letting the Government know what lies there is richer than any Ore.


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