YS River

YS River Falls and Holland Bamboo| Jamaica

Long awaited Journey to YS River Falls And Holland Bamboo It was a while since my last adventure and I was going to know two birds with one stone. These birds however were of majestic beauty and enhanced one’s perspective and appreciation. Lacovia St. Elizabeth was the location, Holland Bamboo and YS River Falls are …

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Nonsuch Falls

Nonsuch Falls | Portland Jamaica

The Journey to Nonsuch Falls Portland has always held the keys to my heart. With the adventure of Nonsuch Falls nearing I could think on nothing else. Nonsuch Falls is dubbed one of the highest waterfalls in Jamaica. This adventure began early, journeying across 5 parishes, St. James, Trelawny, St. Ann, St. Mary and Portland. …

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Portland Jamaica Blue Lagoon

Portland Waterfalls and Adventure Paradise

As I think of my visit to Portland Jamaica I am certainly reminded of the importance of sharing these precious memories with love ones. Why not appreciate Jamaica and love ones simultaneously? The Parish has many attractions,many Portland Waterfalls but not all will be covered in this blog, only those which played my heart strings. …

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